5 Best Exercises To Get The Butt of Your Dreams

A woman looks beautiful if her body is in a perfect shape. Nobody gets a perfect shape of the body naturally. It requires a tough training and a well-balanced diet and then you achieve what you were dreaming about. Many individuals try hard to get perfectly shaped butts, but they do not get it even after spending months in the gym. You may also have tried to turn your flat butts into sexy looking butts, but the practice of ineffective exercises may have disappointed you. Try below given 5 best exercises along with 3030 bubble butt guide to get the butt of your dreams.

1. Barbell squats

When it comes to choosing the best exercise for training the gluteus, all the fitness experts suggest squats. It is a proven exercise that helps you in getting your butt in a perfect shape. You can improve the benefits of this exercise by holding the dumbbells or putting extra weight over your shoulders. It is a key exercise to train both gluteus and leg muscles. Do not forget to use a spotter while practicing this exercise with resistance because it will prevent your spine and offer extra support for the exercise.

2. Lunges

How about using your body weight to train the gluteus muscles? Of course, it is an easy and quite an effective way of gaining the butt of your dreams. You can practice it at home on a regular basis and the results will be amazing. There are many types of lunges like you can practice walking lunges, stationary lunges, side lunges, and alternating lunges. You can improve the effectiveness of this exercise by increasing pressure. Use the dumbbells to increase the weight and then practice the lunges. 20-25 reps would be enough for each day.

3. V-leg lifts

You may find it tougher than the earlier mentioned two exercises because you will have to maintain a good balance while practicing this exercise. Practicing it is a little tricky task, so pay attention to how to perform this exercise.

First, position your body into the push-up plank position and then place a Swiss ball underneath your hips. Now slowly lift both of your legs and spread them a little bit to form a V shape. Now move your legs up and down to practice this exercise. This exercise is perfect to train hamstrings and butt.

4. Hip extension

Hip extension is another great exercise that you can practice at home without requiring any additional equipment. It is not only useful to get the butts in a perfect shape, but it is also a great exercise to burn the accumulated fat around the hips and thighs. It is a very easy to perform exercise. Lie down on the floor, get both of your hands beside the hips, and then bend your knees. Now take the support of your feet and palms to raise your hips up and then down. Practice this exercise at-least for 3 minutes to experience the positive results.

5. Deadlifts

If you want to try an exercise that involves the back muscles, gluteus muscles, thigh muscles, and leg muscles, try the deadlifts. Of course, it is one of the most powerful exercises and performing it wrong can result in spinal injuries and other health issues. You should keep the weight close to your legs, and do not bend your spine while practicing this exercise.

Your eyes should be looking towards the feet and knees should bend a little bit. This is how you can practice deadlifts in the best way. You should check the videos of all the mentioned exercises to avoid the mistakes and train in a right way.