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Will Plantar Fasciitis Go Away? | Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar fasciitis, also known as runner’s feet is a syndrome that is commonly characterized by a sharp pain that is felt in the feet of an individual. People are generally of the notion that it is a syndrome that is primarily found in athletes only. But researches claim that any individual who has been subjecting himself to strenuous feet activity can develop this problem. There are a number of digital books like “Plantar fasciitis tips” that give you a brief idea as to what is plantar fasciitis treatment. They provide you with detailed information that is needed on the topic and lets you have a very clear idea about it along with answering questions like can plantar fasciitis cause ankle pain and how long does plantar fasciitis last? No matter how painful the entire thing might be, the best part is that you can opt for both natural as well as artificial remedies to get rid of the pain.

Exercises that can be helpful

  • Stand at a distance of about 40 cm away from the wall and place both your hands on the wall at shoulder height. Place your feet slightly apart from each other by placing them one in front of the other. Bend your front knee while keeping the back knee straight enough. Now hold this position for a few seconds and then relax for a while. Continue the same process with the other leg as well and perform this exercise for about 10 times. Following this regime twice a day can prove to be highly beneficial in case of relieving the pain from your heels.
  • Sit in a relaxed manner on the floor with both your legs stretched out in front of you. Tie a towel in a looped manner around one of your heel and leave the other one free. Keeping your knee in a straight position, try pulling your toes as much as you can in the direction of your nose. Try and keep holding the same position for about a time period of 30 seconds. Repeat the entire process for at least three times in a row. Now follow the same exercise and repeat it with the other foot as well. Practicing this exercise once every day can reduce the pain to a great extent.
  • Take a chair and sit on it by bending your knees at right angles to each other and your feet on the ground in a flat manner. Now lift your foot in the upward direction while keeping the other heel on the ground itself. Hold the posture of your feet for a few seconds and then release the leg and let it relax. Continue the same method and repeat the posture for about 9 to 10 times. It is advisable to follow this exercise for a maximum of six times a day.
  • Select the lowest step of a particular stair case and stand in front of it with your legs spread out slightly apart from each other. Place your heels right at the end of the step that you have selected and hold the railings of the stairs for an added amount of support. Keep your knees straight and lower your heels at the same time in a slow manner. Be careful not to injure any muscle or ligament in the process. Make sure that you feel a certain amount of stretch that is exerted on the calves due to this. Hold the position for a time span of 30 to 60 seconds as per your own comfort and stamina and then release. Try following this exercise for at least twice on a regular basis to ease the pain.
  • Get hold of a cold drink can or a rolling pin that can be made available by you. Sit comfortably on a chair and place the available object near the arch of the foot. Making use of a certain amount of pressure, roll the arched region of your foot on top of the object. Make sure that you carry this out in several directions to give your feet the required amount of massage. Trying out this particular exercise a few times each day can help lower the span of how long does plantar fasciitis last. The best way to perform this exercise is to do it without putting on your shoes and letting your bare feet feel the relief.

These are a few exercises that have been opted for by a number of people who have witnessed a great amount if relief in when it comes to finding an answer to what is plantar fasciitis treatment.

In case you are looking for other ways apart from this, there are several therapeutic methods that are carried out by doctors in their respective clinics. A number of artificial methods have also been invented that help people get rid of the intense pain.

If you are still worried that will plantar fasciitis go away, then you can opt for the following medical treatments:

Shock Wave therapy – In the case of this therapy, high shock waves are transmitted within the pain inflicted regions of the person with the help of a particular machine. This is in fact done to bring about stimulation in the healing process of the region subjected to pain and inflammation. The number of sessions that are needed for this treatment can be one or many, as per the intensity of the situation. Doctors generally claim that the procedure is quite safe enough. The only drawback that can be associated with this is the lack of proper clinical tests that might prove its effectiveness.

Injections – When wondering about the fact as to will plantar fasciitis go away, steroid injections can prove to be an apt answer to the question. Yes, it is definitely not a natural method, but is often adopted by doctors in case of patients having high levels of complications. Injecting these steroids within the body of a person reduces the inflammation in the region pain. This method of artificial pain reduction is opted only when all conservative methods fail to heal the pain.

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