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5 Best Exercises To Get The Butt of Your Dreams

A woman looks beautiful if her body is in a perfect shape. Nobody gets a perfect shape of the body naturally. It requires a tough training and a well-balanced diet and then you achieve what you were dreaming about. Many individuals try hard to get perfectly shaped butts, but they do not get it even after spending months in the gym. You may also have tried to turn your flat butts into sexy looking butts, but the practice of ineffective exercises may have disappointed you. Try below given 5 best exercises along with 3030 bubble butt guide to get the butt of your dreams.

1. Barbell squats

When it comes to choosing the best exercise for training the gluteus, all the fitness experts suggest squats. It is a proven exercise that helps you in getting your butt in a perfect shape. You can improve the benefits of this exercise by holding the dumbbells or putting extra weight over your shoulders. It is a key exercise to train both gluteus and leg muscles. Do not forget to use a spotter while practicing this exercise with resistance because it will prevent your spine and offer extra support for the exercise.

2. Lunges

How about using your body weight to train the gluteus muscles? Of course, it is an easy and quite an effective way of gaining the butt of your dreams. You can practice it at home on a regular basis and the results will be amazing. There are many types of lunges like you can practice walking lunges, stationary lunges, side lunges, and alternating lunges. You can improve the effectiveness of this exercise by increasing pressure. Use the dumbbells to increase the weight and then practice the lunges. 20-25 reps would be enough for each day.

3. V-leg lifts

You may find it tougher than the earlier mentioned two exercises because you will have to maintain a good balance while practicing this exercise. Practicing it is a little tricky task, so pay attention to how to perform this exercise.

First, position your body into the push-up plank position and then place a Swiss ball underneath your hips. Now slowly lift both of your legs and spread them a little bit to form a V shape. Now move your legs up and down to practice this exercise. This exercise is perfect to train hamstrings and butt.

4. Hip extension

Hip extension is another great exercise that you can practice at home without requiring any additional equipment. It is not only useful to get the butts in a perfect shape, but it is also a great exercise to burn the accumulated fat around the hips and thighs. It is a very easy to perform exercise. Lie down on the floor, get both of your hands beside the hips, and then bend your knees. Now take the support of your feet and palms to raise your hips up and then down. Practice this exercise at-least for 3 minutes to experience the positive results.

5. Deadlifts

If you want to try an exercise that involves the back muscles, gluteus muscles, thigh muscles, and leg muscles, try the deadlifts. Of course, it is one of the most powerful exercises and performing it wrong can result in spinal injuries and other health issues. You should keep the weight close to your legs, and do not bend your spine while practicing this exercise.

Your eyes should be looking towards the feet and knees should bend a little bit. This is how you can practice deadlifts in the best way. You should check the videos of all the mentioned exercises to avoid the mistakes and train in a right way.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review

Shaun Hadsall’s 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss

A number of weight loss programs are available for the fitness fanatics. Many new programs claim to help you in losing fat fast without doing exercise and without following a diet program. Doesn’t that seem exaggerated? You may say yes because it takes a huge effort to lose fat fast. What if you can do it within two weeks without going through exhausting weight loss plans? The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is designed to help you in losing fat within 14 days. You will get a strategic combination of workout routine and nutrition that will help you in gaining the required body shape quickly. Does this weight loss plan really work or not, you can find the facts in this review. Click Here to visit The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Official site.

About The Author

You cannot trust any weight loss program if you don’t know the program developer is a trusted person or not.  The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is developed by Shaun Hadsall. He has spent over 15 years in the diet and nutrition industry. He has spent enough time to learn all the secrets regarding the nutrition. Shaun Hadsall looks younger than his actual age because he knows how to maintain a fit and charming physique. He is offering all his secrets through his weight loss program to help you in achieving what you want for a long time. He has helped thousands of individuals of all ages in losing fat fast. Now his book is helping many other people in doing the same.

What’s Included In The Program

Shaun’s weight loss plan offers the following features.

  • It is a 3 step formula that helps you in achieving the best body shape.
  • It suggests you stop following the low carb diet, prevents the consumption of carb-based fat, and provides a perfect time for taking carbs. That’s how it works.
  • It is an intense weight loss program that will burn extra fat of your body within only 14 days.

The Pros And Cons Of The E-Factor Diet


  • It is an easy to follow program.
  • All you have to do is consume the nutrition that will help you in burning extra fat of your body and do the suggested exercises.
  • You get a number of meal plans to soothe your hunger cravings.
  • You will get many easy exercise plans to follow every day.
  • It is the best suitable program for the beginners.


You cannot achieve impressive weight loss results if you do not follow all the steps suggested in the weight loss program. The results will not be positive if you skip the steps.

Should you try it?

Shaun Hadsall is a renowned weight loss expert and he doesn’t claim that his program can help you in losing fat without taking proper nutrition and without doing regular exercise. He says that you can get positive results if you can dedicatedly follow the 14-day weight loss plan. You should try it if you can live the upcoming 14 days according to Shaun. You will get positive results because many others have lost extra fat on their body by following this program.

The Beta Switch Review

Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch

The widely accepted norm is that it is more difficult for women to lose weight as compared to men. This may be true owing to the fact that a woman’s body has to stay ready for future pregnancies and hence tends to accumulate more fat. Although 15 to 20 % of overall body fat mass is considered healthy for women, anything more than that is likely to cause the risk of various obesity-related diseases and even cancer.

The beta Switch could be your ultimate solution. This is a 12-month weight loss program that will teach you how to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a simple step by step method. The program highlights the importance of a healthy diet plan and effective workouts.

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This weight loss basically programs your body to deactivate fat retention and trigger fat loss. This book, which has been authored by Sue Heintze uses all the logical practices such as how to choose your diet so as to switch off the fat remaining receptors and how to switch on your fat burning receptors.  The program will also teach you how to keep the right hormonal balances in your body by taking cheat day offs and avoid weight loss plateaus.

What’s Included With The Beta Switch Program?

Unlike other reviews, this review will give you an in-depth information about the features, the pros, and cons of the program, so that you know exactly what you will be getting.

You must have seen the internet and the TV flooded with fat loss advertisements, most of which are centered on the so-called quick result fat loss pills and fad diets. However, talking from a logical point of view, there is really no such thing such as magic pills. These tricks may cause you to lose some weight but this does not necessarily mean that fat loss will be triggered in your body. In fact weight loss in cases could be related to dehydration, without fat loss. Therefore, if you are really looking for effective means of fat loss, then you should rather be more focused towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits combined with proper exercises.

About The Author (Sue Heintze)

Sue Heintze, the designer of the beta switch is a very popular lifestyle coach. She has a very strong online presence and even manages her self-founded Ideal Bodies Online. Apart from that, she has been a major and a regular contributor to many fitness programs and lifestyle magazines all around the world, including Shape and the Australian Oxygen Magazine.

Like most women, Sue Heintze also grew up largely focused on health and fitness, but never really seemed to achieve the fitness that she actually desired. The only difference is that she never gave up and continued her search. It was when she came across some really interesting stuff that was never heard of before, that she wanted to put it to test. So she kept strict adherence to her newly formulated health and diet regime for exactly 3 months. The results that she got were amazing. This also inspired her to help other women to exercise similar routine so as to have a healthier body and increased confidence and energy. Since Sue Heintze has been in this field for quite some time now, her expertise is 100% reliable and effective.

The Features Of The Beta Switch Program

The main contains the exercises that are distributed throughout the 12 weeks. This module also teaches you how to lose weight faster and what type of cardio to practice such as to target the challenging areas such as thighs, butt, and arms.

Sue Heintze, being a woman herself, knows exactly the kind of body that women want. She also knows that with changing times, there have been changing body images. Therefore, she also dedicates a part of her program towards creating a positive body image and teaches women how to feel comfortable in their own body types. This particular program could be a huge bonus point in the entire weight loss program.

There are also a few special tips and tricks that allow you to lose up to one jeans size in as little as 9 days.
Since the way your mind perceives your body has a huge role in fat retention or combustion, the beta switch will guide you on how to harness this power for your benefit.

The eBook could give you a 3-month membership in the tight and toned. This is important as you will be introduced into a support system and also get a hang of various tips and healthy recipes.

The Pros And Cons Of The Beta Switch Program


The one truly positive aspect about the beta switch is that it targets fat loss by taking care of the overall body metabolism. Rather than a combination of elaborate and strict diet and exercises, the beta switch is much easier to follow, even for the busy working women. Most of all, it provides a healthy support which is desired by every woman during the weight loss program.


The only drawback about the beta switch is that it is not a quick fix, but rather a transformational program towards a healthier and sexier lifestyle. Also, it is an online program consisting of both videos and manuals. You also cannot download the pdf into your PC as it is a combination of both videos and manuals.

Final Thoughts

On a side note, the bet switch seems to be a very interesting program. Being designed by a woman, it targets fat loss specifically for the women. The fat loss system could ultimately help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle for a long term.

Visit The Beta Switch Official Site HERE

Obese Free Fat Metric System Review

John Brown’s Obese Free Fat Metric System

The Obese Free Fat Metric System places a great deal of emphasis on being able to help people lose weight without dieting and without giving up a lot of the foods that they really love. On that basis alone, it is probably going to be a popular program. Many people are frustrated with the fact that they seem to do everything that they can to diet and nothing ever seems to work. The Obese Free Fat Metric System seems to give people the best of both worlds.

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About the Author

The creator of the Obese Free Fat Metric System is named John Brown and he’s a fitness expert who is based on Chicago. In the promotional material for the program, John Brown goes into detail about some of the clients who he has had in the past. The life story of a client named Sharon is described in detail. He claims that his program helped her reverse several illnesses that she had, including heart disease and type II diabetes.

The Pros And Cons Of The Obese Free Fat Metric System

On the one hand, The Obese Free Fat Metric System looks like it is going to be much easier to follow for a lot of people compared to many other programs just because it doesn’t emphasize caloric restriction and deprivation. This is also not a system that places a lot of emphasis on pills or medications in general. People won’t have to worry about the side effects associated with all of these treatments. As such, the risks associated with trying The Obese Free Fat Metric System are fairly minor compared with the risks of trying the majority of other programs available today.

However, people should still keep in mind that all programs like this are somewhat risky. This is clearly a fairly new program. There isn’t a great deal of information about it at this point in time. Many of the people who are involved with the program are able to share their personal experiences, but they can only provide anecdotal information. There is always an element of risk involved with starting a new program of any kind, and that is something that people should consider. This is not a program that is going to have the baggage of something like the South Beach Diet. However, it is also not a program that has been the subject of formal scientific research, clinical trials, or even a great deal of informal testing through anecdotal evidence. It’s also difficult to find information about John Brown himself.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the people who have tried everything might still be able to benefit from a program like this. Finding a review might be difficult, but the PDF eBook available for download should be easy enough for people to access. All programs were new once and people have to start somewhere with them. It’s important for people to keep in mind the risks of any new program. However, this is at least a program that is not going to present as many risks as many, just based on its overall construction.

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Review

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox Review

The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox is a program that can help you lose weight and look younger by eating foods that can reset your genetics and turn on the genes that will help you get rid of stubborn belly fat. It’s also help to improve the condition of your skin and have more energy. This is done by eating whole foods that have not been refined and choosing herbs that have a positive effect on your body. There is no need to count calories or restrict fat completely from your diet and so you do not have to worry about being hungry when following the plan.

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The diet is based around eating natural, unprocessed food. There is a great deal of food on the market that is advertised as healthy but it does nothing to encourage our bodies to burn fat. The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox will remove all of this food from your diet and show you how to make delicious foods that turn on your good genes. The ones that burn fat, make skin look great, give you more energy and reduce inflammation that can make joints painful.

About The Author

This program has been devised by Erin Nelson. She has many years of experience as a health coach and physical therapist and she is also an expert in fat loss and anti-ageing. She is in her 40s but looks much younger and this is a result of following this plan. She spent the best part of her 30s feeling like there was nothing she could do to lose weight around her tummy or to stop her skin from looking older. The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox came about because she wanted to be able to change this for herself and for other women.

The Pros And Cons Of The Youth Method 14 Day Diet Detox

  • The program will start to work immediately and you could start to see results within just few days.
  • It can be used by people of all ages and will work even if you have never been successful with dieting in the past.
  • There is no guesswork needed as you will not be counting calories. All you need to do is follow the recipes that are given in the book.
  • Your whole family will enjoy eating the food that you prepare for them and they will also see improvements in their own health.
  • The plan requires you to cut sugar from your diet completely and while this will have many health benefits in the long run, it can be difficult at first because your body will be craving sugar.

Although vegetarians will be able to follow the plan, it is not suitable for vegans.

Final Verdict

If you visit the official page of the product then you will see that there are a large number of people that are willing to recommend this product. There are also many positive reviews that can be found online. People that have used this program have found that they have seen results in just a few days and once they have adopted this new way of eating then they do not want to go back to their old habits.

Crunchless 6 pack Review

Brian Klepacki’s Crunchless Core Review

This online informational program reveals the secrets to a major health and fitness break through. with the help of this program you will be able learn the techniques that provide fast and long lasting results, and why the old and outdated methods never worked. Discover how to get the body you want without having to trouble with fad diets and calorie counting. Eat what you want and see amazing result with this easy to follow program. Crunchless 6 pack program is a breakthrough in what has long since been the norm for ab toning. you can achieve the results you want with innovative methods created by a certified strength and conditioning coach. Click Here to Visit the OFFICIAL crunchless 6 pack Site!

About the Author

Brian Klepacki is a certified strength coach who owns and operates his own health and fitness business in Florida. His credentials include a masters degree in Exercise Sciences with a certification in strengthCrunchless 6 pack Review and conditions. Brian has trained with an impressive list of elite high performance athletes, helping them reach their peek performance. Brian has recently started sharing his expertise and experience with the average population to help them fulfill their health and fitness goals in an effective way. Brian trains regular people and helps them achieve quick and sustained results. After seeing so many people struggled to achieve their fitness goals through conventional yet outdated methods, he decided to formulate his own program and method for toning abs.

Will Crunchless Core Work For You?

This innovative method has a lot of benefits when compared to convention methods for toning up your abs. Firstly, this method is fast acting and provides long lasting results. Additionally, the crunchless 6 pack program steps away from outdated forms of toning and prevents you from injuring your back. Also this breakthrough in exercise doesn’t require you to alter your diet or worry about what you eat. With this new method you can tone your abs and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The one downside to the crunchless 6 pack program is that although it was created by an expert in exercise science, it is still relatively new and controversial among the sports medicine field.

Why Do I Recommend it?

The crunchless 6 pack ebook is the perfect solution for those who are tired of working toward their body and fitness goals and not seeing any results. This new and innovative program will change your mind about everything you thought you knew about sculpting abs. This effective method will provide you with the tools you need to get chiseled abs fast. The best part is you won’t have to alter your diet or count and obsess over calories. Say good bye to ineffective workouts that deteriorate your back and take the steps toward the body you deserve. While this program is a total breakthrough in exercises science and current practices, it is guaranteed to give you fast results. Many people have had success through this revolutionary method designed by a certified strength and conditioning coach who has worked with both elite athletes and amateurs. Regardless of where you are now you can get results with this simple program.

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Fit Over 50 Training Review – Does It Work?

If you are approaching an older age, especially over 40, you will be aware that keeping a fit, healthy as well as a sculpted body can be a challenging task for most people. However, The Fit over 50 training review is a good suggestion for your unique physical health needs. To be specific, the system helps improve your hormonal balance, physical health, and your nutrition regime as well for optimal results.

About the Author

The developer of this entire program is a man known and Fred W. Schafer who is a 56 year old Certified Fitness Trainer, Health, Wellness and Motivational Speaker. Aside from that, he is also a member of the National Medical Fitness Association and has been traveling since 2002. especially in the North America to speak on health and fitness to thousands of people. Furthermore, Fred is a well known High-Performance Specialist, Leader, and Pioneer when it comes to the areas of business growth, leadership and wellness as well.

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Does Fit Over 50 Training work?

While the Fit over 50 training eBook might be packed with the information required for optimal health, it Fit Over 50 Training Reviewdoes require sufficient effort from the user to achieve optimal results with the system. For health savvy who want to enjoy the benefits of the Fit Over 50 training Program, it is inherent that you first push past the fog of fitness propaganda that is available on the consumer market. In fact, there is so much inconsistent health and fitness information making it tough for older people to achieve the ideal physical health. However, the Fit over 50 training program promises to help users achieve optimal health.
The program is the culmination of Research efforts, knowledge and accumulated experience that Fred has combined to provide users with physical health solutions that are calibrated to suit their unique age group. More importantly, the movement and workouts plants are calibrated to suit the needs of older individuals especially over 50 and are classified as full body functional metabolic strength training exercises. The Fit over 50 training helps target the primary factors that contribute to a lack of optimal body health. The core movements of the program are pulling, squatting, bending and pushing along with lunging. To help users achieve the ideal results, the fit over 50 training comprises of the following

28 Days to A Better Body

The guide to Extra-Ordinary Fitness, Wellness, and Health- This EBook Comprises of useful tips that help users to get healthy and fit and it also comes with an exclusive workout plan for up to 4 weeks.

Movement Manual

more so, the fit over training also comes with a movement manual that contains systematic exercises and movements for a targeted body area for good results. Some of the information you might come across includes warm-up movements, lower body pull focused movements, warm up movements and wind down stretches amongst many others.

No-Sense Nutrition Method

fit over 50 training is a comprehensive guide to healthy eating practices and habits. To be specific, it contains the super simple, quick start guide that can be used to drop 8-10 pounds of fat in as little as 28 days.

Fit over 50 training is a scientifically and professionally designed ebook that can give you a lifetime of extraordinary results. you will be so thrilled with how you look and feel that you will be eager to stay with it for the rest of your life!

Fit over 50 training ebook

Ph360 Review – Does It Work ?

Ph360 Review by Maria

The way that a person manages their health is changing. New technology allows a person to get their own personalized health assistance to help them with diet, exercise, and everything in between. Ph360 is one of the newest personal health assistance apps that will allow a person to have full control over their health. A ph360 review shows how this system can help a person make some smart health decisions. (See the Official Page Here)

What’s included in the Ph360 Program?

The ph360 system has information on over 700 different foods. These foods are ranked by how healthy they are. A person can find out how much fat, how many calories , and the amount of vitamins that a specific food item has. With all of these different foods a person can make an educated decision about what they put into their body. There is also an easy guide that will allow a person to take their measurements and the proper technique on how to do so. Many people cannot do this without making a mistake. There is also a personalized fitness feature that will help a person find the right type of exercise for their body type. There are over 1000 different exercises to choose from. There is an exercise for every skill level and for every weight loss goal. A person will also be able to use the visual tracker inPh360 Review order to track their weight loss goals. There is a tracker that a person can use to track their body mass index to see how much weight they are losing. This feature can also tell a person when they are within a healthy range based on their age and height. A person can also track the amount of lean muscle mass they have as well as their weight from one week to the next. Many people need visual representations to see that they are making progress and this program can give a person the support that they need. This can help a person keep up with their changing body.

The Cons Of The Ph360 program

While the ph360 program allows a person access to a lot of information it is not cheap to use. The basic monthly membership will cost a person around $50 a month. There is an annual membership for around $200. This fitness tracker is great to have but it may not be affordable for everyone. Also a person will need to have access to the internet in order for their program to be working properly. While this program does provide a great deal of information for some people it may be too much. They may not know where to begin.

Does Ph360 Program Really Work?

Overall if a person needs help getting into shape they should make the investment with ph360. There is access to all the information a person needs to get into shape. There is information from everything to food nutrition, to exercises, to information to improve overall health. This program can help a person get into shape and feel good about themselves and reach a healthy weight.

ph360 ebook