How to get well-toned thighs and hips

Are you dreaming of getting toned thighs and hips like those of the actresses? Then this is the right guide for you. Celebrities spend a lot of money and time for getting those wonderful bodies and if you want something like that you will also have to spend some of your time and shed some sweats to get that. Having a perfect body is a boon so here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the natural ways that you can trust for shedding extra fat from your thighs and hips.

How to get slim thighs and hips

  • There are plenty of ways to get that. But are you going to do it right and regularly? If so then go through the column below.
  • Massage your hips and thighs with coconut oil as they will get easily absorbed in your body and it has fatty acids which the body absorbs and converts into energy.
  • Make a juice of ginger grated, lime juice and cayenne pepper and add them with warm water. Now drink the solution daily 1 to 2 times.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins from your body and avoid storing of unwanted fat in your hips and thighs.
  • Do yoga daily as they are very much effective and is very helpful from centuries. They help to keep your skin firm and muscles toned. Specially perform the bridge asana, and the cobbler poses for toning the thighs and hips.
  • Take some coffee grounds and mix some honey and produce a thick mixture. Before your bath apply them to the hips and the thighs portion and leave it to dry. Now gradually scrub with your wet hands. Rinse it with water and follow the remedy twice a week.

How to reduce thighs and hips without exercise

Exercise can easily help you to get rid of extra fat in your thighs and hips, but due to some medical condition or other issues, not everyone can perform exercises. So to get toned thighs and hips you can try to bring some little changes in your food habits, lifestyles reduce stress and drink plenty of fluids. These are some following ways to reduce fat without exercises.

Sustainable Diet

According to the research, the weight gaining and losing procedure depends on the food we take. What you are eating or the quantity that you are taking indicates the count of fat in your body. So the very first thing that you should understand is that you must not skip your breakfast as after a long gap of 6 to 8 hours you should kick up the metabolism with some food. Avoid consuming processed juices, sodas or any sweetened beverages. Unhealthy snacks can also add bad fat to your body.


Intake more water

The extra fat that stops you from wearing jeans is the fluid retention around your hips and thighs. If you take enough water, it will help the body to excrete more toxins from the body and help to alleviate the fluid retention.

Hormone Balance

The weight distribution is also dependent on the hormones like the estrogen and the progesterone. You can look for many natural remedies to control the hormone imbalance in your body and for better effect avoid stress.

Best 5 exercises to reduce hips and buttocks

Exercises or any sort of physical activity is very much important for shedding extra fat from your body. They not only will increase your stamina but will also reduce extra fat. These are more popular 5 exercises which are easy to perform, and you can easily get toned hips and buttocks just by spending few minutes on the workout.

PliƩ Squat

These squats help to increase your strength as well as mobility. All you have to do is to stand tall and keep your feet at a slight distance than the width of your shoulder. Point the toes at an angle of 45 degrees and keep the back straight. And put your entire weight on the heels of the feet and keep the knees over your toes. Now as you do deep squat put your thighs parallel now put some power on your heels and push up your body to the starting position.

Squat for Lateral Step-Out

In this exercise, you have to stand straight and keep the shoulder and feet width apart. Now keep the toes straight and pointed ahead and now slowing lower yourself in the standard squat. Now hold that position and take some steps to the right side and now again take same steps to the left side and keep repeating.

Plank Leg Lift

First, you have to keep your body in the high plank posture and keep your hand on the floor in a flat position and keep your butt down. Now you have to work the abs by bringing the belly button towards the spine. Now slowly lift the left leg and keep it straight. Then tap the left leg to the outer side and keep them again in the starting position. Repeat the exercise by switching the legs.

Fire Hydrant

Keep the hips sharply pointed to the ground and then bent your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Now raise the left knee to a high position and raise them on the side. Pause at that position and then again return back to the starting position. Repeat it by switching the legs.

Lying Leg Lift

Lie down on your stomach in a flat position and keep the forehead in resting position. Now lift the left leg as high as you can and keep it straight. Now hold that position for some time and keep the leg back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise by switching the legs.

Follow these steps and food routine to get well-toned thighs and hips. Gaining a perfect body is not so easy to start early and do it properly. Because having a bad shaped body will not only break your confidence but will also showcase how unhealthy your body is.
Because after all, you are what you eat. These procedures are natural and will show effective results and far better than using medical help.