The Beta Switch Review

Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch

The widely accepted norm is that it is more difficult for women to lose weight as compared to men. This may be true owing to the fact that a woman’s body has to stay ready for future pregnancies and hence tends to accumulate more fat. Although 15 to 20 % of overall body fat mass is considered healthy for women, anything more than that is likely to cause the risk of various obesity-related diseases and even cancer.

The beta Switch could be your ultimate solution. This is a 12-month weight loss program that will teach you how to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a simple step by step method. The program highlights the importance of a healthy diet plan and effective workouts.

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This weight loss basically programs your body to deactivate fat retention and trigger fat loss. This book, which has been authored by Sue Heintze uses all the logical practices such as how to choose your diet so as to switch off the fat remaining receptors and how to switch on your fat burning receptors.  The program will also teach you how to keep the right hormonal balances in your body by taking cheat day offs and avoid weight loss plateaus.

What’s Included With The Beta Switch Program?

Unlike other reviews, this review will give you an in-depth information about the features, the pros, and cons of the program, so that you know exactly what you will be getting.

You must have seen the internet and the TV flooded with fat loss advertisements, most of which are centered on the so-called quick result fat loss pills and fad diets. However, talking from a logical point of view, there is really no such thing such as magic pills. These tricks may cause you to lose some weight but this does not necessarily mean that fat loss will be triggered in your body. In fact weight loss in cases could be related to dehydration, without fat loss. Therefore, if you are really looking for effective means of fat loss, then you should rather be more focused towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits combined with proper exercises.

About The Author (Sue Heintze)

Sue Heintze, the designer of the beta switch is a very popular lifestyle coach. She has a very strong online presence and even manages her self-founded Ideal Bodies Online. Apart from that, she has been a major and a regular contributor to many fitness programs and lifestyle magazines all around the world, including Shape and the Australian Oxygen Magazine.

Like most women, Sue Heintze also grew up largely focused on health and fitness, but never really seemed to achieve the fitness that she actually desired. The only difference is that she never gave up and continued her search. It was when she came across some really interesting stuff that was never heard of before, that she wanted to put it to test. So she kept strict adherence to her newly formulated health and diet regime for exactly 3 months. The results that she got were amazing. This also inspired her to help other women to exercise similar routine so as to have a healthier body and increased confidence and energy. Since Sue Heintze has been in this field for quite some time now, her expertise is 100% reliable and effective.

The Features Of The Beta Switch Program

The main contains the exercises that are distributed throughout the 12 weeks. This module also teaches you how to lose weight faster and what type of cardio to practice such as to target the challenging areas such as thighs, butt, and arms.

Sue Heintze, being a woman herself, knows exactly the kind of body that women want. She also knows that with changing times, there have been changing body images. Therefore, she also dedicates a part of her program towards creating a positive body image and teaches women how to feel comfortable in their own body types. This particular program could be a huge bonus point in the entire weight loss program.

There are also a few special tips and tricks that allow you to lose up to one jeans size in as little as 9 days.
Since the way your mind perceives your body has a huge role in fat retention or combustion, the beta switch will guide you on how to harness this power for your benefit.

The eBook could give you a 3-month membership in the tight and toned. This is important as you will be introduced into a support system and also get a hang of various tips and healthy recipes.

The Pros And Cons Of The Beta Switch Program


The one truly positive aspect about the beta switch is that it targets fat loss by taking care of the overall body metabolism. Rather than a combination of elaborate and strict diet and exercises, the beta switch is much easier to follow, even for the busy working women. Most of all, it provides a healthy support which is desired by every woman during the weight loss program.


The only drawback about the beta switch is that it is not a quick fix, but rather a transformational program towards a healthier and sexier lifestyle. Also, it is an online program consisting of both videos and manuals. You also cannot download the pdf into your PC as it is a combination of both videos and manuals.

Final Thoughts

On a side note, the bet switch seems to be a very interesting program. Being designed by a woman, it targets fat loss specifically for the women. The fat loss system could ultimately help you to adopt a healthier lifestyle for a long term.

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